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Our Accomplishments and Impact


Our Work

Armstead-Barnhill Foundation works to advance sickle cell anemia research and treatment and provide holistic support to individuals and families impacted by the disease. We do this through a multi-pronged approach that involves engaging patients and families and working alongside our partners in research and healthcare.


Sickle Cell Warrior Nurse Practioner Lea with her Hero: Pioneer Sickle Cell Researcher Dr. Dover,

Former Johns Hopkins Pediatric Hospital Chief


Raising funds to advance research and medical treatment.

We host annual fundraising events and distribute funds to our partners in research and healthcare to advance new discoveries for sickle cell treatment and purchase medical tools – such as vein finders – that can help alleviate pain for sickle cell patients when undergoing treatment. This funding also supports patients with accessing basic necessities – such as groceries, gas and rent – while they undergo treatment. 

Conducting public education campaigns.

We engage communities, public leaders and elected officials to improve public awareness and understanding of sickle cell anemia and its impact on those living with the disease. We believe this is necessary to build broader support for sickle cell anemia research and break down barriers in access to treatment options, so that we can ultimately advance long-term solutions for patients.


Working directly with sickle cell anemia researchers.

In addition to providing financial support to sickle cell anemia researchers, we work closely with researchers to receive updates on current treatment options and ongoing research to ensure patients have the information they need as they seek treatment. Through our partnerships with researchers at Johns Hopkins, National Institute of Health,and many other institutions nationwide, we assist with their work by engaging our community of patients to encourage and facilitate their participation in research and clinical trials. 

Providing direct patient support.

We serve as a resource for sickle cell anemia patients and their families as they navigate treatment options, research developments and barriers to accessing healthcare through our support hotline.

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