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Armstead-Barnhill Foundation

for Sickle Cell Anemia

The Armstead-Barnhill Foundation for Sickle Cell Anemia was established in 1993 when the founders were told their newborn daughter was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. Sickle cell anemia is a life threatening genetic blood disorder affecting millions of people worldwide. It is characterized in part by joint pain, organ damage, and blood infections.

Sickle cell is generally associated with the African American population.  However, persons of Mediterranean and Hispanic descent are also included in those populations affected.  To date, there is no cure for the disorder. Armstead-Barnhill founders and its closest supporters believe that a cure can be found if public awareness of sickle cell anemia and its complications is raised, and greater research dollars donated to sickle cell research as a result.

To achieve this most important goal of funding a cure Armstead- Barnhill:

  • hosts annual fund raising events;

  • conducts public awareness campaigns;

  • meets with sickle cell researchers to get updates on current sickle cell treatment and research projects; and

  • maintains a sickle cell hotline that provided resources to sickle sufferers and their families regarding medical providers, current treatments and social services.


The Armstead-Barnhill Foundation founders and closest supporters firmly believe that with your support, a cure will be found!

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